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Party Accessories

Check out all of our current party accessories to elevate your party to the next level! We are excited to be introducing inflatables soon! See something you like? Call or text 985-705-3189 to find out availability.


Candy Wall Dispenser


Step up and prepare to be wowed by the confectionery spectacle of a lifetime – the Candy Wall from Backyard Bash Party Rentals LLC! This interactive, all-you-can-eat buffet of sweetness is the perfect addition to any event that calls for a sprinkle (or a downpour) of fun and flavor.


The Candy Wall stands tall and bright with its captivating design, inviting both the young and young-at-heart to come and taste the magic. It comes equipped with 12 state-of-the-art candy dispensers filled to the brim with the candy you choose. 


Imagine your guests' delight as they approach this Willy Wonka-type experience, each getting to handpick their favorites from an assortment of candies ranging from classic gummies to chocolate delights, sour worms, or whatever else your heart desires! 


The Candy Wall doesn't just deliver candy; it brings a sense of wonder, evoking childhood memories of sweet shop visits while offering an entirely modern, interactive experience. Whether your event is a birthday bash, corporate outing, wedding, or neighborhood block party, the Sugar Wall will undoubtedly make it a sweet, memorable occasion.


So why wait? Bring a dash of joy, a pinch of excitement, and a lot of sugar to your party with the Candy Wall. Because at Backyard Bash Party Rentals LLC, we believe in making life a little sweeter, one candy at a time!


Flower Cart


Discover the Flower Cart from Backyard Bash Party Rentals LLC: more than just a floral display, it's a versatile centerpiece poised to captivate your guests. It brings a burst of life to any event, inviting attendees to select and admire various fresh flowers.


Though named for its initial purpose, the beauty of the Flower Cart lies in its adaptability. Envision it as a gourmet candy buffet, a display for party favors, or an interactive station for guests to assemble their own take-home flower arrangements. This cart is your blank canvas for various party themes and ideas.


While the Flower Cart sets the stage for elegance, its utility extends beyond blossoms. Tailor it to your celebration's needs, and watch as it transforms to match your vision. At Backyard Bash Party Rentals LLC, we're excited to see how you reimagine our Flower Cart for your unique event!

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